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Thick film tape casting machine
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Thick film tape casting machine

The production condition of thick film tape casting machine is that the tension is controlled by a servo motor, which achieves a unique constant speed technology and operates without fluctuation;

Automatic continuous feeding system liquid level control. The deviation is ± 0.1mm;

Advanced laser displacement sensor controls liquid level and dosage;

High precision clearance setting and control of thick film tape casting machine, with accuracy of ± 0.001 mm;

The high precision servo motor controls the casting, and the speed can reach 0.02-6m/min;

Exhaust air circulation system, with uniform exhaust, flow frequency conversion speed control, and separate control for each area of exhaust air;

24 sections of bottom plate heating and temperature area, each section of bottom plate temperature is separately controlled, and the control accuracy is ± 0.1C °;

The casting is equipped with front light background and back light background detection, which can easily detect the current situation of fine casting by contrast;

Fast baseband correction, with the adjustment time of 1s, the film belt is in the middle instantly, so that the winding edge is neat;

The pneumatic alloy cutter is used for trimming, and the cutter width and spacing are convenient and adjustable.


Unique and convenient process:

The casting head is fully enclosed to reach a dust-free space, ensuring that the casting is dust-free;

The whole machine is made of profile casting, which is horizontal and has high precision and consistent clearance;

A transparent glass window is arranged on the door cover of each drying area to observe the internal conditions;

Each transition roll shall be subject to finishing, and each link shall not be simplified.

Thickened aluminum alloy is used for the internal materials of paint coated accessories to ensure the useful life of the accessories.