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Introduction to tape casting compound machine

Tape casting compound machine, also known as coating machine, also known as extrusion compound machine, tape casting machine, extrusion tape casting machine, tape casting compound machine, plastic coating machine, coating compound machine, is a kind of extrusion molding machine. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation, high production speed, uniform coating thickness, high adhesion fastness, smooth coiling, environmental protection and pollution-free, saving labor and raw material costs, etc. It has developed maturely in Europe and America, and gradually started to be applied in China in recent years, which is an inevitable trend to replace dry lamination and hot melt adhesive coating lamination.




According to compounding speed, it can be divided into: 1. low-speed extrusion and casting compound machine 2. medium speed extrusion and casting compound machine 3. fast extrusion and casting compound machine


It can be divided into: 1. single substrate coating machine; 2. multi substrate coating compound machine; 3. three in one substrate coating machine


Applicable to:


The tape casting compound machine is generally used in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing and office industry, composite flexible packaging manufacturing and other industries, and it is a small machine for daily life.


Process principle:


Extrusion tape casting: plastic particles are extruded into a linear shape from the die mouth of the flat die head after being plasticized by the screw, and then attached to the surface of paper, film, non-woven fabric, woven fabric and other flexible substrates after being stretched. Composite materials with both the barrier and heat sealing properties of the plastic film layer, the strength, toughness and functional properties of the substrate are prepared by cooling, setting and pressing.


Structural composition:


The whole machine is composed of feeding device, extruder host, die, unwinding mechanism, compound mechanism, winding mechanism, edge control device, trimming device, heating and cooling system, electrical measurement and control system, etc. The second unwinding mechanism, printing equipment, oven, substrate surface treatment device (corona machine, etc.), online thickness gauge and other components can be added according to the needs of different products. Previous process equipment: granulator, printing machine or other equipment; Equipment for the next process: slitter or other equipment.


Main advantages:


The cost of tape casting composite process is relatively low. At present, some more advanced extrusion compounding machines are equipped with a thin edge mechanism, which realizes edge cutting free, minimizes the loss of leftovers, and further improves the cost advantage of extrusion compounding process. At the same time, the extrusion composite process also has the advantages of fast production speed, wide range of substrates available for selection, less residual solvent in composite products, and less environmental pollution.