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Ceramic tape casting machine
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Ceramic tape casting machine

Product characteristics Ceramic tape casting machine

1. 12 inch MCGS color touch screen, human-computer friendly interface, fully integrated interface display and control of heating, speed, liquid level, etc.

2. Siemens S7-200 PLC is equipped with Siemens explosion-proof motor to control tension, with stable performance and high precision, meeting the industrial automation control standard;

3. Level height control of automatic continuous feeding system, with deviation of ± 0.1mm;

4. Panasonic laser displacement sensor controls the liquid level, dosage and height, and infrared laser directly transmits the glass of the material box, with good sealing and high accuracy;

5. Clothes hanger extrusion type secondary climbing extrusion type feeding, high levelness consistency between left, middle and right, no bubble and peeling;

6. Automatic scraper height adjustment, touch screen clearance setting and control, display unit: 0.001 mm;


Unique and convenient process:

1. Unique scraper processing technology, the scraper blade is made of super hard alloy steel, with hardness of 86~93HRA and long wear resistance service life;

2. All aluminum rollers are hard oxidized, and steel rods are hard chrome plated;

3. The baking channel is made of food grade US304 stainless steel;