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Large tape casting machine
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Large tape casting machine

1) The domestic cast film production line can be divided into 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm and 5000mm according to the film width, and can be divided into three layers, five layers and seven layers according to the configuration of the extruder.

2) The domestic tape casting film production line is mainly composed of five parts: extrusion part, tape casting part, corona part, winding part and electric control part. The mold part and extrusion part can be combined freely according to the requirements of customers, so as to meet the different needs of customers (markets) to the greatest extent.

3) In addition, the design of domestic equipment also follows the international advanced level, such as:

A. The unique design of the back device can freely adjust the pressure of the extruder.

B. The unique design of screw runner can be applied to different materials to achieve multiple purposes.

C. The runner design of the roller has better cooling effect, more stable product quality and higher output.

D. The line speed of domestic tape casting film production line has reached the level of 160m/min – 250m/min.

4) Compared with the imported equipment, the domestic tape casting film production line also has the characteristics of high speed, stable performance, environmental protection and energy conservation. The product thickness is 0.017mm-0.08mm (international standard is 0.025mm