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What are the technical requirements for tape casting film production line?

Cast film production line:


The unit produces raw materials that can be processed: PP, PE, PEVA, EVA


The unit can be used to produce all kinds of tablecloths, plastic gloves, shower caps, and umbrellas for suits. It can also be used to produce PE sanitary napkin bottom films, diapers and urine never dry use films, perforated bottom films, various packaging films, and deep embossing films. The waterproof and breathable film can be produced after adding the stretching unit. High speed production line can be equipped with online slitting, high-speed double station manual winding is adopted, and there is no need to wind adhesive tape during highway winding. The whole machine is integrated and low in automation. When the production speed reaches 130m/min and exceeds, the power consumption of this model is 25% lower than that of conventional tape casting machine under the same output, saving production cost and labor accurately.



1. Single layer casting machine production line


The unit is composed of mainframe, screen changer, mold, casting machine, conveyor, tractor, winder, etc.


The reduction box is made of cast steel, and the gear is made of alloy steel and grinded. All lubricating points in the box are forced lubricated, and the lubricating oil is equipped with an efficient cooling system.


The screw barrel is made of 38CrMoALA high-quality nitrided steel, which has been nitrided and sprayed with alloy.


38CrMoALA high-quality nitriding steel is adopted, and the surface is sprayed with alloy after nitriding treatment.


2. Three layer cast film production line unit


Hierarchy: AB, BC, ABC


The unit produces raw materials that can be processed: PP, PE, PEVA, EVA


The production line can be suitable for production: clothing field (such as EVA, PP, PE raincoats), packaging field (such as packaging film), tableware field (such as table cloth), ink simulation field (such as ink flowers, artificial flowers, artificial leaves, etc.)


auxiliary equipment


One set of industrial water chiller


One set of water distribution tower


Equipped with a surface corona processor


Equipped with a vacuum manual feeder


At present, the cast film industry in China has introduced more than 60 sets of cast film production lines only, with a total annual production capacity of more than 200000 tons. It is estimated that the investment will remain strong in 2005. As new cast film projects and projects under construction compete to put into production in China, the production capacity of cast film in China is bound to increase significantly from 2005 to 2007. The industry is racing to predict that the cast film market in China is likely to have such a cold investment as the unidirectional tensile film market, which will inevitably lead to a new round of price war. The main technologies have been overcome. After decades of accumulation, the tape casting film industry in China has achieved breakthrough development. Compared with developed countries, domestic CPP films have reached the international Citroen level in terms of both production process and production equipment, especially the production equipment has made great progress, and the main technical difficulties have been overcome. The tape casting film production line has relatively weak technical requirements, in which the T-shaped die is one of the key equipment.


As long as the market situation of cast film changes, great investment loss will be caused. Therefore, the investment risk can be greatly reduced by using domestic equipment with high price. Therefore, domestic enterprises should never blindly believe in foreign large-scale equipment, only the input and output are higher than appropriate, and try to get a good rate of return on investment in the short term, which is the most appropriate investment.


The appearance of these domestic cast film production lines has greatly accelerated the development of the cast film industry in China. It is more and more appropriate to use the consumption of domestic tape casting film to reduce risks in China, because its access threshold is relatively high and the production capacity is growing rapidly.